Thursday, January 13, 2011

Making and Selling Envelopes from Recycled Magazines - Great Business for Kids!

Handmade Envelopes from Recycled Magazines
It's easy to make envelopes out of old magazines and catalogs if they have pages that are big enough and thick enough. It's also a good way to recycle, and they can be sold for money. Many businesses that use a lot of envelopes in their daily work might be interested in buying handmade envelopes from a kid businessperson. Just be sure to price your envelopes a little less than the ones selling in stores and office supply shops. 

You will need a brown envelope to use as a pattern, some scissors, tape, and a stack of old magazines. 

First you remove the staples from your magazines and lay your pages flat. If your pages are not big enough, you can always tape two pages together to get a sheet large enough to make an envelope. 

Using your brown envelope as a guide, fold your magazine page over and cut away any excess.

Use tape to secure the edge. Then, fold the bottom end up and tape it.

Then fold the other end over, but do not tape it. This will be the opening of the envelope.

Next, remove the brown envelope that you used as a pattern.

Your envelope is finished!

Envelopes made from recycled magazines can be very handsome, especially those made from magazines and catalogs that use a lot of color pictures. They are attractive, environmentally friendly, and unique. It is a great way for kids to earn money. Ask your parents to help you decide which businesses to approach to take orders.