Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Making Money

     In my book, James Willis Makes a Million, James becomes interested in making money when he gets his first job, sweeping for a store owner. He doesn't necessarily want to make money fast, but he does hope to someday know how to get rich. James figures out ways to make money. He starts his first business when he is very young. James is a dreamer and doesn't stop to think there aren't many jobs for kids. James believes in himself and is lucky to have a supportive father who encourages him. When it comes to money making ideas, James has a few. Although he starts a very successful greeting card business, he doesn't stop there. He branches out and starts several different businesses before he is full grown.
     Kids can make money, too. James did not let his young age stop him. In fact, he used it to his advantage. Most people are impressed by children who work, and want to help them by buying their products or services.
    James asked himself, "How can I make money?" Then he set out to find the answer, thinking up ideas, and working hard to make his ideas happen. He also was on the lookout for good advice. Asking for advice is a good way to learn helpful things that might otherwise take years to discover.

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